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Modern plaster can be applied to many common surfaces including concrete, wood, plastic, sheetrock, and masonite. It can also be applied over painted surfaces on walls. There are different types of plaster such as finishing plaster that is used to skim over drywall sheets.

And then, there are the older homes that have traditional plaster applied over wood lath walls. Traditional Venetian plaster does not have the polymers that help to adhere it to the walls. However, it lasts for centuries longer than many other types of plaster.

Additionally, stucco is a plaster wall covering. It is generally used on the exterior to cover the house walls and is often used on retaining walls. Stucco is a cement plaster that may also have additives such as fibers and synthetic acrylics. Stucco has a course finish while traditional plaster is smoother and softer.

Bonding plaster is used as an undercoat for plaster. It is simply the first coat which is applied to a patched wall or new plaster wall. It is scratched with a nail after it is troweled off to help the finish plaster bond well.

Plaster vs. Faux Painting

Venetian plaster is the actual texture that faux painting tries to emulate. While an imitation is never going to be as good as the real thing, some homeowners prefer to have the look of Venetian plaster and don't mind settling for it because it is the more economical solution.

Venetian plastering takes much longer to apply and is harder to get right. The surface created is much more durable and resilient, lasting up to a hundred years or more if the repairs and maintenance are kept up. It is a long lasting wall covering so it is more of an investment than faux painting.

If you are updating an older home that has been plastered, the plastering will be the option you want to choose. It will likely cost more to replace the lathing with drywall and the faux paint than it will to repair the plaster unless everything has to be redone.

Decorative Plaster Design Options

In a truly historic home with decorative plaster, all the trimwork, crown molding, door and window casing, and columns are made of solid plaster or finished with it. There are also ornamental details made of solid plaster such the beautiful ceiling medallions, decorative brackets, plaques, and appliques. Some homes even have a plaster mural created by an artist for a wall.

In modern times, Venetian plaster is still one of the most favored styles although stucco is also very common. The smooth beauty and unique designs of plaster make it much more suitable for modern interior walls and ceilings.

  • Stenciled plaster
  • Plaster with metallic patina
  • 3 shades of plaster color
  • Venetian plaster with pearl overlay
  • Raised plaster details
  • Plaster faux marble finish
  • Plaster over metallic foil
  • White on white plastering
  • Distressed plaster
  • Plaster with gold leaf design
  • Vintage plastering

Plastering Professionals In New York

If you plan to install plaster in your New York home, it's best to have a professional do it for you. Plastering is a technique that is not easy to get right. When plastering themselves, most homeowners find that the results are far from what they expected. Plaster repairs are even harder to get right because the type of plaster needs to be identified and then repaired properly using the same techniques as it was originally applied.

If you need a plastering expert in New York, call European Plastering. Our licensed and insured company guarantees the quality of our workmanship which is only done by experts with years of experience. We know all about the different types of plaster and how to apply them or repair them. We also take care of all the decorative plaster medallions and gold leafing you find on historic homes.

If you have questions or would like more information about our New Jersey Plastering Company, please call 347-766-1654 or complete our online request form.



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